Aroma-Diffuser Marrakesch


This aroma diffuser adopts ultrasonic technology to create a soothing, healthy illuminated aromatic mist and releases anions to purify the air. No burning, no chemicals, just with normal water and a few drops of your favorite essential oil, you can instantly enjoy a comfortable, natural and healthy aromatic environment. This aroma diffuser features simple and safe operation as well as easy cleaning and high efficacy.

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1. Insert the adaptor’s connector into the DC jack input at the back of the base of the diffuser. 2. Place the diffuser on a flat and stable surface and away from the edge. 3. Remove the diffuser’s outer and inner cover. 4. Pour mineral water (bottled or tap water) into the water tank up to the maximum level indicated (150 ml). 5. Add a few drops of essential oils (1-5 drops) to the water tank. 6. Replace the inner cover and the outer cover on the diffuser. 7. Plug the adaptor into the appropriate outlet.

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