De-stress yourself and your skin - for a refreshed complexion

Why does stress tire out skin and cause premature ageing? Our skin is the mirror of the soul - and it reacts particularly sensitively to stress hormones. Besides obvious stress symptoms such as red spots or pimples, visible signs of aging and tired skin also go hand in hand with stress.

Comment la peau et le stress sont étroitement liés

Do you want a more relaxed and fresh look?De-stress yourself and your skin - for a rejuvenated complexion

  • Bakuchiol Collagen Booster
  • Antioxidant effect
  • With active ingredient complex that reduces signs of stress and tired skin
Alpine Rose A+ Anti-Age face cream, Aging Stress Relief
51.90 CHF 30ml

Aging Stress Relief: de-stress your skin with farfalla Alpine Rose A+

A powerful day and night cream for busy people: stress reduction for tired skin and skin-firming in one. In Alpine Rose A+ Anti-Age, the innovative active ingredient complex of Rosa Damascena reduces the skin's stress biomarkers and diminishes visible signs of tension and fatigue.


The contained bakuchiol (considered a plant retinol, vitamin A), stimulates collagen in our connective tissue, tightens the skin and is valued as a very effective anti-ageing ingredient. Alpine rose protects the skin from oxidation and makes it radiant. High-quality wild rose oil has an additional antioxidant effect. The mind is lovingly destressed by aromatherapeutic stimulation.

The natural plant power in Alpine Rose A+ for your Aging Stress Relief

Alpine rose

Bot. Rhododendron ferrugineum. A power ingredient against the oxidative stress that makes our skin look tired and old. This rhododendron species from the alpine heights has ingredients that protect it from the effects of dryness, cold and UV radiation. In particular, a high content of polyphenol compounds is responsible for the anti-oxidative effect and protects against free radicals - and makes the Alpine rose extract so exciting for cell protection in skin care.

Wild rose

Bot. Rosa canina. Due to its high content of alpha-linolenic acid, organic wild rose oil supports skin regeneration and regulates sebaceous gland function. Wild rose oil promotes the skin's ability to store moisture and produce collagen. It supports the skin barrier and protects against oxidative stress.

Tips and tricks for a refreshed complexion

Fragrant rituals for your personal stress relief

Be kind to yourself with de-stressing moments for yourself and your complexion
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The link between stress and skin

Our skin is particularly sensitive to stress hormones - with symptoms ranging from rashes to ageing.
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