Gemstone Oil Positive flow

Maceration of sodalithe, chalcedony, amber and the essential oils of white fir, geranium, palmarosa. Rediscover your personal centre! This oil stimulates positive energy and releases inner tension, helping to relax both mind and body. It encourages serenity and a feeling of ease. To enhance the effects, each bottle contains a small gemstone. This precious gemstone oil is produced in an elaborate and patented process.

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Certification:NaTrue Organic cosmetics
Dermatologisch getestet:yes
Kurzbeschreibung:Bringt Energien zum Fliessen und löst Blockaden auf. Macht leicht und beweglich und offen für Kontakte.


BODY MASSAGE OIL: Gemstone oil can be used like any massage oil. It can also be used for your daily body care after taking a shower (apply to moist skin). It absorbs wonderfully and leaves a gentle scent on the skin. In Monika Grundmann’s Crystal Balance Massage, the oil and massage stones are slightly warmed on a small stove. It can also be used selectively on particular parts of the body. «Regeneration» oil, for instance, has been shown to strengthen the bodies natural resistance when applied to the thymus gland, while «Joy Of Life» oil, applied to the soles of the feet, activates the flow of energy. REFLEX ZONE MASSAGE: Since the entire body can be stimulated through the reflex zones (feet, hands, back etc.), gemstone oil is also excellently suited to this method of application. FACIAL OIL: Due to its rapid absorbtion and silky consistency, it is highly recommended for facial massage and facial skincare. BATH OIL: The effect of the oil is enhanced by the warmth of the water. Two tablespoons per bath are sufficient. The skin is soft and velvety, making subsequent oiling unnecessary.


Simmondsia chinensis seed Oil*, Parfum (Natural Essential Oils*), Citral**, Limonene**. *certified organic, **part of natural essential oils



Wusstest du, dass unsere Edelsteinöle die hautpflegenden Eigenschaften von Jojobaöl mit der Energie ausgewählter Heilsteine verbindet? Durch ein aufwändiges und zeitintensives Mazerationsverfahren mit viel Handarbeit werden die heilsamen Eigenschaften der Edelsteine in nährendes, regenerierendes Bio-Jojobaöl eingebunden. Eine Komposition naturreiner ätherischer Öle aus der farfall Duftmanufaktur rundet die sieben Wohlfühlthemen ab.

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