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Schlaf schön, Lavendel, pillow spray

Let your pillow become cloud nine! The fragrance of lavender will reliably and gently bring you peace of mind and help you enjoy a restful sleep. Before going to bed, give a few short puffs of the spray to the pillow. The pillow spray consists of relaxing and soothing 100% pure essential oils (lavender, neroli, melissa, rose, bergamot). "

CHF 9.80
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CHF 32.67 / 100 ml

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Spray directly onto the pillow. Does not leave stains.

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Fabienne | April 6, 2021

Der Gute Nacht Kissenspray durftet sehr gut, wenn auch eher süsslich, wirkt beruhigend und hilf mir gut einzuschlafen. Leider verflüchtigt sich der Durf innert wenigen Minuten, so dass man danach nichts mehr vom Spray riecht, was sehr schade ist.

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